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OIA Grant: International funding opportunities for faculty

May 01, 2013

Professor Marcus Feldman, left, and visiting scholar Mike Palmer, along with co-author Arnav Moudgil (not pictured), found that the long-term evolutionary dynamics were surprisingly predictable in a model of protein folding and binding. 

Image credit: Linda Cicero/Stanford News Service

Faculty Seed Grants: International Research Collaborations Purpose

As a division of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) facilitates new collaborations with international partners on behalf of Stanford's faculty and students. OIA Faculty Seed Grants are intended to support faculty in establishing new relationships with researchers outside of the United States in order to broaden and deepen the scope of international research at Stanford.


6-8 awards of up to $15,000 each will be distributed to Stanford faculty to support their travel to a non-U.S. location for the purpose of establishing a new international research collaboration or to support a Stanford graduate student who will travel to a non-U.S. location for the purpose of facilitating a new international research collaboration on behalf of a faculty member.


All projects must include a budget. Project budgets may include research supplies, research travel expenses, and living expenses such as lodging, food, and incidental expenses. Faculty salaries may not be included. Matching funds from international partners are not required, but may be taken into consideration during proposal review. Grants will expire 12 months from the award start date.

Award recipients will be asked to submit a report at the end of the funding period detailing the outcomes of the project and the potential for future collaboration.

Application Guidelines

Please submit a proposal via this online form.

Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

1) New – Is this a new opportunity for an international research collaboration?

2) Impact; How will this new international project contribute to your research?

3) Long-term Benefit – What are possible future outcomes?

Innovative approaches to partnering with researchers located outside the U.S. are welcome.


Proposals are due by 4 PM May 17, 2013, and will be reviewed shortly thereafter by a faculty committee that will include the Vice Provost and Dean of Research

Awards will be announced by June 28, 2013. Status as of July 1, 2013: award announcement postponed to July 8, 2013.


General questions should be directed to:

Pauline Larmaraud, Office of International Affairs,, 650 723 1984

Faculty Seed Grants: International Online Learning


The Office of International Affairs (OIA), in cooperation with the Vice Provost for Online Learning (VPOL), invites proposals from faculty to develop innovative online and blended courses in collaboration with non-Stanford faculty in an overseas location. OIA and VPOL encourage proposals that challenge our understanding of what is possible in international education and online learning by building new relationships with institutions of higher education abroad. Proposals should include a plan for developing and teaching an innovative learning experience with an overseas faculty partner and include a short-term (up to 3 weeks) exchange or travel component for the lead faculty and up to ten (10) students from either institution.


Two awards of up to $65,000 each will be distributed. Supported areas include:

- online course development (up to $25,000)

- international course implementation (up to $40,000) including airfare, lodging and meals for the faculty and any teaching assistant who may be involved, teaching supplement, TA salary, and some in-country course expenses such as materials and supplies, opening/closing banquet, and field trip allowance.

Payment will be subject to HR and Faculty Affairs approvals. For faculty compensation, see It will be up to an individual's supervisor to determine whether the International Online Learning Grant participation is within or outside of the employee’s regular responsibilities and therefore eligible for supplemental pay. Please note that funds may not be used for teaching or administrative salaries of faculty and staff from partnering institutions. Those would be expected to be supported by the partnering institution.


Individual faculty or faculty teams (departmental or interdisciplinary) may apply. Instructors who are not members of the Academic Council are eligible in many cases, but must have a continuing Stanford appointment and the support of an academic program attesting that the proposed online course is a desirable addition to that program's curriculum. All applying faculty or teams must upload a letter of support from department chairs to their applications.

Additionally, Stanford faculty must demonstrate that the select international partners are full-time members of their faculty at their home universities, and have the support of their department or institution to participate in this program.

Application Guidelines

Please submit a brief proposal via this online form. You will need to submit responses to the following prompts on the form:

I. Goals: A brief description of the project and its potential impact, including how it promotes innovation in online teaching and learning, the potential benefits of developing this new international partnership, and the added value of including an international experience as part of the course.

II. Oversight: Specify how each team member will contribute to the project, including roles, areas of expertise, and accountability.

III. Implementation and Reporting: An implementation schedule, with milestones, and research/evaluation plan. Proposals must specify at which point during the curriculum faculty and students would travel to complete the blended portion of the coursework. A short follow-up report will be required at the completion of the project.

IV. Budget: An itemized budget, including other funding sources, if applicable (sample budget provided).

V. Department/Program Support: Endorsement and evaluation of the value of the online course from the department or program chair/director (in the form of a brief letter or email), as well as the international faculty partner.

In addition, faculty are asked to include project goals outlining the potential benefits of developing a new international partnership and the added value of including an international experience as part of the course. Faculty must provide a letter or email of support from the departmental chair as well as the international partner for the project. To assist with budget considerations, we have included a sample budget.

Projects and courses must be implemented by the end of the Fall 2014. Please account for two (2) quarters of preparation time


Proposals will be reviewed members of OIA, VPOL and Stanford faculty. Proposals should be submitted by 5pm on May 17, 2013 via this online form


General questions should be directed to:

Pauline Larmaraud, Office of International Affairs,, 650 723 1984

Questions about online course development should be directed to:

Amy Collier, Vice Provost for Online Learning,, 650 725 4164