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Enhance Research

International research presents unique challenges. OIA helps remove the hurdles so that you can focus on what you do best.

OIA strategizes with faculty to find timely solutions to challenging problems to help you advance your international research, projects, and partnerships. We collaborate with partner offices on campus to put together the pieces of the puzzle more efficiently so that you don’t have to do it on your own. We are your fast track to getting things done.

Faculty Funding

International research exploration grants help faculty quickly demonstrate proof-of-concept and cement new partnerships for larger international research opportunities. OIA opens the call for proposals each academic year.


  • so that faculty can bring international collaborators to Stanford and increase the mutuality with their international partners
  • so that faculty can bring more graduate students into the field for structured research and training experiences 

Research Consulting

We help you prepare and respond to challenges with your international research, including fine-tuned analysis of travel security, and analysis of the policies that may impact your research.


  • because we are advocates for faculty research
  • so that faculty have more opportunities to bring students closer to their research
  • so that faculty maximize their limited time in-country


We draft agreements and coordinate approvals for the international partnerships that are strategically important to your research.


  • so that all of the offices involved in approving international partnerships are consistent in their agreement strategy
  • so that you do not need to recreate the wheel for every new international partnership
  • because partnership with an in-country research institution can be essential. Local partners will help you navigate complex local regulations, different cultural norms, networking, etc.
  • so that you quickly get the appropriate approvals for getting a partnership off the ground 

We can help you

Contact our office for assistance with any of the services above. If your specific circumstance is not listed, our staff is available to help you navigate the landscape of partner offices that we collaborate with on campus. We're here to help you get to where you need to be.