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Connect People

The right people can make all the difference. OIA helps you cultivate work relationships that matter to you and your work.

In today’s digital world, OIA still values the face-to-face connection whether it’s across campus or on the other side of the globe. As part of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, we strive to keep up with what other units on campus are focused on and where synergies lie. We cultivate opportunities that bring Stanford faculty together.

Campus Partners

We build collaboration tools with campus partners to reduce redundancies, increase efficiencies, and share technology and data.


  • so that faculty, staff and students don’t have to duplicate efforts on multiple systems that don’t communicate with each other

International Visitors

We arrange meetings for international visitors, e.g., ministers, government officials, university faculty members and staff for the purposes of advancing Stanford research and other academic goals.


  • so that faculty meet with mutually beneficial visitors and faculty time is protected by minimizing meetings with little impact on faculty research
  • so that other campus units can benefit from our experience in handling visits and leverage existing research networks more effectively

Visiting Scholars

We help visiting scholars engage with the Stanford community beyond their hosting department.


  • to build reciprocity and deepen relationships with visiting scholars during their time at Stanford and after they return to their home country

We can help you

Contact our office for assistance with any of the services above. If your specific circumstance is not listed, our staff is available to help you navigate the landscape of partner offices that we collaborate with on campus. We're here to help you get to where you need to be.